Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4 Months Later...

Well we have had little Kolby now 4 months (almost). And I'm proud to say we are still standing!!

We are figuring out that babies grow real fast! Kolby is now 26" long and 16 lbs. He is growing like corn!

We are now up in Utah visiting family. We are happy to report that Kolby is a good traveler. In fact he is a really calm baby in general! His favorite things to do are eat, sleep, and play peek-a-boo. He has started to talk as well.

He is voicing his displeasure for bed time right now... He is missing his favorite blanky which he rubs on his face to fall asleep. But this is too cute not to love.

Bree and I are still working hard. I am 2 weeks away from getting my associates degree barring any additional hurdles BYU-I wants to put in my way. So hopefully next time I can say I'm a college graduate!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The baby has come...

Fresh out the womb!
     As it turns out, mommy got her wish! Kolby Todd Williams was born on March 27th at 10:57 pm, 4 days early! He weighed in at 7.25 lbs and measuring 19 inches. Breena was in labor for 12 hours and was in good health afterwards as was the baby.

     Two days later we left the hospital and Breena along with Grandma Teri and Grandma Vicki are spoiling Kolby. He is the cutest thing we ever saw, and I think he is beginning to realize it. In the past week, he's grown another inch and put on 6 ounces. Mommas milk has been good to Kolby. His nickname is quickly becoming pedoso, which in Spanish means Fartsy, because he can let 'em rip. He also likes to listen to Coldplay and sleep. He's really been a bundle of joy to have. It is amazing the emotions you feel towards someone you've only known for two weeks.

In his sunday best.
The 3 Generation photo

We'll be posting little updates here and there on how he's growing as well as lots of pics so check back soon!

Kolby starting to look at the world

Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's almost time...

     So it's been a while since we last updated... 6 months almost. Anyways big changes have happened. Other than Breena's growth, we finished another semester of school and moved to Texas!! We moved back in with my family until Kolby is born and then start school down here. The cold of Rexburg was not treating us very well.

The Drive
     I wish I could say that the move down to Texas was uneventful and everything went as planned. But it wasn't and didn't. We rented a uhaul to pack our stuff in, and of course the one we had saved up for was too small for our stuff. Big thanks to Nathan Call who helped us pack, unpack, and repack the trailer 3 times after 11 o'clock. Eventually we just had to tie stuff on top and leave some things in Rexburg in order to get out of our apartment on time. The plan was to drive to Breena's Dad's house where we eventually upgraded our trailer and went back to Rexburg to get everything.

    The first day of our actual drive down to texas went as planned. It was quick, with clear skies, and good weather. That was until night fall, when a freak ice storm struck in the middle of New Mexico! The final hour of our drive for the day turned into a 4 hour nightmare that included us slipping on the ice into oncoming traffic! Breena almost went into labor on that one... When we finally pulled into Gallup, we were greeted by a snowstorm that had already dumped four inches in three hours. We grabbed a hotel for the night and started off early again the next day. At about 2 the next day we reached Albuquerque, where Breena took over driving. Driving out of Albuquerque, there is a slow sloping mountain pass you have to climb. The previous year when we had driven to Texas, in much better conditions, we got a flat tire on this road. Well we passed the exit where we had pulled off the road and had spent a couple of hours trying to change our tire. Breena exclaimed "We have left Albuquerque without any car problems!" Not even 30 seconds later the car shifted gears, the tires slipped, and our truck and trailer where skidding out of control. We collided safely on the side wall putting a big dent on our front grill. Luckily no one was around us at that time, and the car was still drivable. The next day was spent on iced over snowy roads. At one point between Witchita Falls and Dallas we traveled at top speeds of 30 mph.

     We did safely arrive and are now hard at work in Houston. Breena and I were able to keep our jobs at Wal-Mart and Best Buy. Now we wait...

"The End" of March

   The end is in sight! 9 months of growing and the baby is almost here. Breena is now to term, with her due date just a week away on March 31st. Breena couldn't be more excited for him to come, just so she isn't miserable in the Texas heat! Everything is going smoothly now that we are settled. Hopefully we update a little bit more and we'll be sure to get pictures up of baby Kolby.