Sunday, October 10, 2010

The growth of September

September, what to say, other than boring but busy.  The month consisted of TJ working hard at his dentistry classes and Breena putting off yet another day of homework, but still making it to work late of course.

I would like to announce that TJ has a job at Best Buy, worst job ever in my opinion because he's a nerd.  He is working on the sales floor in digital technologies selling computers and accessories. He is also salivating over his discount so I've started hiding his wallet so he can't come home with any surprises.  So for now the dream of his new big screen TV and iPad will have to wait, we do have a child to think of.

Now it's TJ's turn to make fun of Breena. She had to go and get herself electrocuted! While taking film out of a disposable camera at work, she got zapped pretty good. After discussing it with a medical professional, it was decided to send her to the emergency room to get the baby checked out. After a few scary minutes, and what seemed like an eternity of waiting, the nurse was able to locate the heartbeat of the baby. We are happy to report that the baby now seems more energized than ever, keeping Bree up almost constantly with his kick-boxing skills. In a couple weeks we might be able to find out the gender of the baby. We are excited for that.

We have also started playing intramural sports this month. We are playing softball and soccer on the same teams. Our record is 1-1 in each sport. The intramural season is crappy as we have only played 2 games and the playoffs start this week! So our season could be over before it even began if we lose this week...

We are also proud to announce that we finally stopped being lazy and decorated for a holiday. Halloween down, Christmas to come. Lets see if our new tradition will make it.

 Other than that it's work, work, work and wonder how we're gonna make it to next month. But we always do!